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Hello everyone!!!

I don't write journals a lot. Only for important reasons do I take time
to write any journal for any of my groups. But this is a subject that always
has to be addressed with this group and the people who join it :nod:

READ THE FUCKING RULES!! It is really that simple. I really I am tired of telling
people this. I am annoyed that  people do not read the rules, that are placed at
the top, they are all there. Biggest to the smallest, so there are no confusions.
But there are many. And it is simply because people want to join, want their
work featured in this group, but people don't want/feel the need to read the rules.

Which is completely shitty. Most people have no idea how much of a damn hassle it
is to have to go and decline pieces I have already declined 2 times before, PLUS wrote
a comment explaining why it was declined for future reference, to help one learn the group.
Which was ignored. I hate having to decline pieces because they break rules that weren't read.
I also hate having to write LONG detailed comments as to why the piece was declined because
simply declining it the first 2 times with a simple comment was not good enough. I hate it. So read.

This group keeps growing, leaps and bounds it feels like. I am very particular about what is accepted.
BUT ya know what? Everyone gets their work voted on. If everyone else can follow the rules, Idk why this
select 100+ people cannot grasp the concept. But the breaks end here....

The 3 strikes and you're out rule applies in another way now, if I have to decline the same piece 3+ times.
Goodbye! 620+ members and that is just within this group. I don't have the time for people who don't respect
this group enough to know what is and is not accepted. It's very easy to learn.
Two ways- works with any group actually.

1.) Read the rules before joining, making sure you like how it sounds & that your work will fit in.
2.) Look in the groups gallery and its folders, again making sure your work fits with what is there.

Sorry if I sound like a bitch. But running a group is not easy. The more members, the more
photo submissions, the more work. I work a lot on this group. It was my first, I love Macro.
It is a big passion of mine, so to put a lot of time into this group to give everyone a great group.
I just ask for a bit of respect. Read the rules. If they change, I will notify. But otherwise they
have been the same since it formed :nod:

[I plan to link people to this journal in the future. Because it just needs to be said.]
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Photopathica Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014   General Artist
i hear you, and great that you really say it so upfront.
i'm running groups myself, and i freak out a lot of times because people don't read simple rules, or folder descriptions for that matter.
even having the default folder called "don't submit here, pick the correct folder" doesnt stop people from it.

admins need a support group :XD:
GrotesqueDarling13 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Professional General Artist
I know any group founder/admin does. It really is a hard job.

I have found a lot of older groups did not list their rules and I was
always trying to look for them, to learn the group but yet my works
were declined without a comment or a reasonable rule that made sense.
So, I wanted to list every single rule as detailed but simple as possible,
place them at the top, east to find/read, but I have learned, it was a waste.
No one reads the rules. M o s t people just want to submit their works to
several groups, not caring where, to what folder. I hear this a lot "I don't
remember submitting this before" when a piece was already declined,
3 times in a row. I remember where I submit works. I am part of a lot
of groups so hearing that excuse shows we get no respect.

:hug: Oh yes, we so, so do!!!!! I am surprised there isn't one already!! :giggle:
Roses-to-Ashes Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:clap: Bravo!!! As a founder of a group with 5,000+ members you have no idea how many times Ive wanted to say something similar.. so bluntly... and honetsly if this hurts anyones feelings, theres the door.... what kills me most is that some people (members of my group) who submit to the wrong folder flat out tell me I am the one who is wrong and that their artwork fits in whatever folder they please...
Good for you. This group is wonderful. :)
GrotesqueDarling13 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thank you so very much!! :D I know exactly how you feel! I felt
the same way before I got tired of it. I run 5 groups of my own 
things like this are a sad must. I have learned to be completely
blunt with rules now and my annoyance towards those who
DO NOT want to read nor follow them. They think they can
just submit and submit to any group and their work should
be accepted just because. It doesn't matter if its a drawing
in a Photography group :facepalm: I comment nice comments
on declined photos the first few times, if I have to do it MORE
there is a problem. And it is SO not on our ends. People think
groups are so, so easy to run and build up from nothing. 
And I have had that happen, "I put my photo there because
that is where I think it goes" or "Its my photo, I know where it
goes" and it is very simple, they don't. If we have to decline
the piece because they simply did not read or look in that folder.

:aww: Thank you again, so so much!! This was my first and haha
still remains to be my hardest group to work with. So your comment
means a great deal to me. And I am happy you liked this journal.
You are welcome to link people to this. I welcome the sharing of it.
I will be the bad guy, lol. You can just link them to it :giggle: :thanks:

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